Pricing & Plans

Simple pricing that scales with your needs


Launch 3 campaigns for free, no strings attached. Scale when you need it.  

$0 /mo


Most popular plan

$15 /mo


When do I get charged?

Free plans don’t require any credit card info. On the Pro Plan, you are charged monthly on a recurring basis from when you activate your account.

How do I cancel?

Cancel anytime right within the login dashboard. Don’t worry, you can still run campaigns until your billing cycle ends.

How do I change my card?

Navigate to your account settings and change your billing info anytime!

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

Absolutely! Need a model that scales to hundreds or thousands of campaigns and team members? Contact us below and we’ll make it happen.

Can I test Responsely before I buy?

Of course! Just click “Get Started” on the free plan, and upgrade only if you need more features and campaigns.

What are "campaigns"?

Campaigns are individual feedback widgets that you run on any page, product, and more.

Do you offer support?

We offer 24/7 email support for Free and Pro plans, and more advanced support for enterprise companies.

Can I customize the feedback widget for my brand?

You bet! Customize fonts, colors, emojis, and delivery to match your brand perfectly. 

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