Collect actionable feedback to understand what your customers need

Build feedback-driven products and features that produce loyal customers for years to come.


Use emoji buttons and text responses to capture first impressions and detailed feedback you can act on.


Analyze user responses and segment campaigns to see which features or products are more successful with your audience.


We provide you with real-time, actionable data to inform your next steps on improving features and products.


Feedback-driven products and features more likely to succeed. Get ahead of the 42% of companies who don't collect user feedback.

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Segment campaigns

View, delete, or export responses from your feedback campaigns. Track overall feedback metrics to uncover your strengths and capitalize on pain points.

Understand your customers in 60 seconds

Start measuring customer loyalty, satisfaction, and pain points in just 60 seconds.

Our advanced editor makes it easy to create, brand, and customize campaigns. No technical knowledge needed.

What our happy customers say

Hailey Lucas

Freelance marketer

Responsely is my secret weapon for increasing online sales. I now know exactly what my customers like and dislike, and how to deliver on their needs.

Dmitry Dragilev

Founder of

Feedback-driven products, features, and services are the future. Responsely allows me to capitalize on what my customers actually care about.

Adam Enfroy

Knowing why your potential customers aren’t buying is the key to improving sales. Responsely helps me do just that.

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