Survey Email Subject Lines

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Do you struggle to get customers to respond to your survey emails? Does your correspondence more often than not end up in people’s spam folders? If so, you’re experiencing something that many other marketers have had problems with. Customers, more often than not, prefer to keep their opinions to themselves, whether good or bad. Feedback … Read more

Survey Feedback

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Do you find it difficult to get responses when gathering survey feedback from customers or employees? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The reluctance of people to voice their opinions has always been an ever-present dilemma for marketers and managers alike. Creating a customer satisfaction, or employee survey that always gets a response is almost impossible, … Read more

“How Did You Hear About Us?” Survey

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Are you having trouble getting good results from your ‘’how did you hear about us’’ survey? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As simple as these feedback forms seem to be, creating an effective survey that increases the chance of a reply does take a bit of planning. Most customers prefer not to share their opinions … Read more

Embed Survey in Email

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Are you having trouble trying to embed a survey in email in order to get higher chances of a response? We’ll you’re not alone. Although the process itself isn’t exactly hard, it’s not really that well known. Most usually leave links in their emails and leave it at that, but going the extra step does … Read more