Survey Feedback

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Do you find it difficult to get responses when gathering survey feedback from customers or employees? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The reluctance of people to voice their opinions has always been an ever-present dilemma for marketers and managers alike. Creating a customer satisfaction, or employee survey that always gets a response is almost impossible, … Read more

How to Ask for Feedback

Feedback chalkboard

If you’re finding it hard to ask for customer feedback in order to try and improve your business, then fear not. You’re not alone. It’s surprisingly hard to ask for feedback from people especially if there isn’t a quick and simple way to provide a critique. Some customers simply can’t be bothered, and getting them … Read more

Customer Feedback Tools

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Are you struggling to get customer feedback for your business? You’re not alone. Many businesses have trouble gathering actionable customer feedback. In fact, no single product ever runs out of feedback because “perfection” is impossible to achieve. Think of Microsoft. Or Tesla. There’s always something for customers to talk about. Your goal is to find … Read more

User Feedback

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Are you struggling to collect and measure user feedback? It’s a customer-centric world, and listening to what your customers have to say is no longer an option. Imagine this. You’ve spent years or months working on your product and you’ve finally managed to get it out there, but users appear reluctant to use it. Which … Read more

How Did You Hear About Us Options

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Are you having trouble trying to identify the marketing campaign that works best for your business? To grow your business, you work round the clock to put the word out there using a variety of marketing tools. But how do you know what’s working and what’s not? Is it the ads you’ve placed on Google? … Read more