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Best SurveyMonkey Alternative

Team Responsely
February 18, 2021

SurveyMonkey is one of the oldest, most feature-friendly, and diverse survey and form-building tools for customer feedback. However, it might be more than you need and are willing to pay.

If you need an excellent SurveyMonkey alternative, you might be having some trouble. After all, there are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of form-building tools around. So, which one do you choose?

If you are looking for a good form-building and survey tool for detailed customer feedback, you have come to the right place. Let’s look at some of the best SurveyMonkey alternatives you can choose from.

Best SurveyMonkey Alternatives


If you need a super simple way to get customer feedback on your products and services, and you want to quickly respond to customers, Responsely is an excellent alternative.

Responsely is one of the newer players, but it has quickly picked up momentum to become one of the most popular feedback form tools for websites.

Responsely is a fantastic choice for people who want good-looking yet straightforward feedback forms on their websites, without getting technical and without having to pay a fortune just to understand what customers are saying and how they feel.


  • Responsely is exceedingly simple to use. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge whatsoever. Coding is not something you will ever have to worry about here.
  • The Responsely interface is designed to make form building about as easy as it gets. Moreover, everything is streamlined so that a reasonably complex feedback form can be created and used within a couple of minutes.
  • People really like Responsely, especially individuals and small businesses, because it’s a handy and straightforward way to gather customer feedback and opinions without paying a fortune.
  • The Responsely data management system is another bonus. Although it’s not complicated or overly analytical, it organizes everything in easy-to-read spreadsheets. That said, Respoinsely provides you with actionable data so you can take the proper steps to improve customer experiences.


  • Although Responsely is very useful, it is not overly comprehensive, and it doesn’t have as many features as some of the larger and more established form-building tools available.
  • Responsely requires websites to be HTTPS enabled, or else the forms will not work.


  • Free Plan – Up to three campaigns
  • Pro Plan – $15 per month – Unlimited campaigns

responsely plans and pricing


Another choice to collect data from customers without having any HTML, coding, or technical experience, is Formsite. This is one of the oldest from-building and online survey companies of its kind; it has been around since 1998.

Formsite is well known for being one of the most comprehensive online form and survey building tools. It comes with many options, features, customizability, and more, not to mention many different packages and plans to choose from.


  • Formsite has many packages and plans available, including those that are ideal for personal use and for small businesses and large businesses.
  • Formsite comes with hundreds of form templates and types, many of which are industry-specific, and moreover, most everything is highly customizable.
  • There is also the fact that you don’t need to be a tech or coding wizard to use this service. It’s designed to create beautiful, efficient, and useful forms without much work involved.
  • Formsite easily integrates with Salesforce, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Slack, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, Constant Contact, Google Calendar Zapier.

formsite build forms and surveys


  • Formsite is not known for having the best customer service.
  • One feature that could use improvement is the save and return component. If customers want to return to a partially completed survey, they have to go through the whole survey from the beginning instead of resuming where they left off.


  • 14-day free trial of Pro available
  • Deluxe Plan – $19.95 monthly or $16.67 monthly if billed annually
  • Pro 1 – $29.95 monthly or $25 monthly if billed annually
  • Pro 2 – $59.95 monthly or $50 monthly if billed annually
  • Pro 3 – $99.95 monthly or $83.33 monthly if billed annually
  • Enterprise – $249.95 monthly or $208.33 monthly if billed annually

formsite plans and pricing


Typeform is another good alternative if you need a form-building and survey creation tool that allows for very dynamic and diverse options.

In the 9+ years that this company has been active, it has gained popularity because it allows for creating very complex and multi-faceted surveys and forms.

Typeform is loaded with features and a level of customizability that allows for extremely detailed feedback.

Typeform is one of the more reasonably priced options considering the level of service it provides users.


  • HubSpot, Airtable, and Mailchimp are just a few of the 500+ services that Typeform can seamlessly integrate.
  • Typeform is very easy to use without needing much technical or coding knowledge.
  • People like Typeform because creating surveys and forms that look professional, is easy and does not take long.
  • The clean interface is another attractive aspect.
  • This service is known for being able to create visually attractive forms and surveys.

typeform people friendly


  • An area that Typeform seems to be lacking in is data organization and analytics.
  • If you don’t go for one of the higher-up plans, the survey response volume can be quite limited.


  • Free Plan – Trial offer/limited usage
  • Essentials Plan – $35 monthly or $30 monthly if billed annually
  • Professional Plan – $50 monthly or $35 monthly if billed annually
  • Premium Plan – $70 monthly or $59 monthly if billed annually

typeform plans and pricing


The bottom line is that if you have a small business and want a simple and straightforward form and survey creation tool, Responsely is the No. 1 option we would recommend.

It is by far the most affordable option, not to mention it’s simple to use, both factors that make it great for beginners and small businesses alike. There’s nothing better than being able to create a great-looking on-site form in as little as 60 seconds.

If you are looking for a more complex and feature-rich customer feedback tool, Typeform is a great way to go, as it comes with plenty of features and is still reasonably priced.

Suppose you are looking for a user-friendly experience, a high level of functionality, many features, and the ability to choose from several plans to suit your needs. In that case, Formsite is an excellent choice to consider.