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Survey Email Subject Lines

Team Responsely
February 18, 2021

Do you struggle to get customers to respond to your survey emails? Does your correspondence more often than not end up in people’s spam folders? If so, you’re experiencing something that many other marketers have had problems with. Customers, more often than not, prefer to keep their opinions to themselves, whether good or bad.

Feedback surveys are important for businesses that wish to grow. Direct input from customers is very useful in identifying areas that need improvement. If you’re finding that your messages are being ignored, then maybe improving your survey email subject lines can increase the chance of a response.

A well-made survey invitation can work wonders in ensuring that you properly reach your target audience. In this article, we’ll show you some important tips and tricks on how to create survey email subject lines that are sure to catch the reader’s attention.

What Is Survey Email Subject Lines?

If you’ve ever seen an email inbox, you’ll be familiar with what an email subject line is. This is the sentence you see describing the contents of the email. When composing an email, it will be the line beneath the addressee.

The importance of the subject line can’t be overstated. As this will be one of the main determining reasons on whether or not a customer even clicks on your survey invitation.

Creating a catchy subject line can be the difference between someone reading your survey email, or it being sent directly to the spam folder.

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Why Use a Survey Email Subject Line?

Creating a good subject line is important, because there’s a big difference in enticing someone to open your survey invitation, and getting them to answer it.

You can’t simply put out a clever subject line without regard to the contents of your message. Being untruthful will only serve to annoy your customers and reduce the chances of a response.

A proper survey subject line serves the purpose of both drawing the reader’s interest, and informing them of the nature of the survey itself. Getting a customer to open the email is the first step in having them answer it.

How to Make a Good Survey Email Subject Line: Tips and Tricks

Below are some handy tips and tricks for creating a survey subject line that may increase the chance of getting your customers to answer your survey. Although there is really no guarantee of a fool-proof survey email, even a slight increase in the chance of a response is always a good thing.

1. Avoid spam trigger words

This first tip is extremely important, as using any spam trigger words may automatically cause your email to go to the spam folder. There are several online lists that you can consult to see if you’re using spam triggers in your subject line or the body of your message.

2. Try to limit the length of your subject line

Lengthy subject lines have a tendency of turning off readers. Remember that the subject line is the first impression that you will give to your customers. If they see a subject line that’s too long, they’ll assume that the message itself is similar and ignore it altogether.

3. Try to personalize your subject lines with online tools

Using online tools like Responsely allows you to create subject lines that are personalized for each customer. Although most people know that this process is automated, that small personalized touch may be enough to at least entice them to take a quick peek.

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4. Creating an incentive

The reluctance of people to answer a feedback survey comes from the fact that they experience no direct benefit from doing so. If your company can offer incentives for filling out a survey and convey that in the subject line, then this increases the chance that it will be completed.

5. Try to keep your subject line relevant

If your company has a target market that it offers its products to, then try to relate to that demographic in your subject line. Trying to relate to the recipient of your survey emails is a good marketing strategy.

Survey Email Subject Line FAQ

What should be included in subject line of an email

If possible, make sure that the name of the recipient of the email is indicated in the subject line. This gives a sense of familiarity to the message.

Also, make sure to at least give an indication that this is a survey email in the first place. Not indicating this beforehand may annoy the reader when they open the message itself.

What are the best subject lines for emails?

Lines that elicit interest, intrigue, or amusement are amongst the best subject lines available.

The objective of the subject line is to draw the reader’s attention, entice them to read the message, and if possible, coax them to answer the survey.

Do I need online tools to give out survey emails?

Although it isn’t an indispensable requirement, using online tools like Responsely is highly recommended when making survey emails. Not only can you use it to create templates for the emails themselves, it makes collecting the responses easier as well.

The point of sending out survey emails is to collect feedback, and if you have a lot of customers, even a fraction of responses can overwhelm the unprepared. Online survey tools help greatly to avoid that complication.

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Can I incorporate social media in my survey emails?

There isn’t a reason why you can’t use all of the available avenues you have when creating a survey email.

If you can entice your customer to connect with your company further through social media, then it’s a win-win situation. Use all of the tools available to you.

Surveying for Success

We hope that the article has enlightened you on the proper way to create a survey email subject line. The subject line is the first, and often also the last, chance you have to get the reader to pay attention to your survey email. Make sure that you create one that increases your chance of a response.