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Best Microsoft Forms Alternative

Team Responsely
February 18, 2021

If you are looking for a good Microsoft Forms alternative, you might be having a bit of trouble. There are literally hundreds of tools that help you build forms and surveys for your website.

They all differ in versatility, functionality, ease of use, and pricing. The fact is that finding the right tool to obtain customer feedback is not easy.

That said, with a bit of help and pointing in the right direction, you should be able to find something that works for you. Right now, we want to look at the three best Microsoft Forms alternatives, hopefully with one of them being ideal for you.

Best Microsoft Forms Alternatives


If you don’t need anything comprehensive with expensive features, one of the best Microsoft Forms alternatives we recommend is Responsely.

This form builder and customer feedback collection tool is one of the more basic and simpler ones, but this is precisely what attracts many people. Responsely’s primary purpose is to create eye-catching and simple customer feedback forms on your webpages.

Although it might seem overly basic, it’s a popular and widely used tool that appears to work wonders for people’s websites. It’s a relatively new tool but is quickly becoming one of the most popular and sought-after ones in its category.


  • One of the big pros is that this is one of the most affordable form builders and customer feedback tools. It’s perfect for individuals and small companies that don’t have the cash to burn.
  • Responsely is acknowledged as being the fastest tool that can create on-site response forms. It takes as little as 60 seconds to make a basic form, thus saving time and allowing you to get back to work.
  • On that same note, Responsely is also regarded as being extremely simple to use. You don’t need to know any coding or have any sort of technical knowledge.
  • People like that the response form or widget can be customized for position, orientation, and color, not to mention that responders can use emojis to rate their satisfaction level. It’s simple yet effective.


  • Due to Responsely’s minimal information on the main site, it can be a bit hard to judge what it can actually do.
  • If your website is not HTTPS enabled, the widget will not work.


Responsely offers two plans, a free one that allows you to launch up to three campaigns, and the Pro plan for $15 per month allows for unlimited campaigns.


If you are looking for a user-friendly customer feedback tool and form builder, there is not much to rival Wufoo. Wufoo has well over 3 million users.

Wufoo is trusted by industry giants, including Amazon and Disney. The award-winning form builder, with a high degree of customizability and plenty of options to choose from, makes Wufoo one of the most popular options at this time.


  • If you need a simple, fast, and user-friendly form-building and customer feedback app, Wufoo is a prime option.
  • The award-winning user interface is about as simple as it gets. You don’t need to know coding or anything technical at all, for that matter.
  • Wufoo can be integrated with over 2,300 apps.
  • Wufoo comes complete with over 400 templates and a high degree of customizability.
  • It is regarded as having some of the best, most helpful, and fast-responding customer support teams.


  • The free version of Wufoo, while it does have some useful features, is not ideal for large-scale operations.
  • As a larger business, you will have to pay a pretty penny for the better Wufoo plans.


  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan – $14.08 Monthly
  • Professional Plan – $29.08 Monthly
  • Advanced Plan – $74.08 Monthly
  • Ultimate Plan – $183.25 Monthly

Everest Forms

Everest Forms is among the best of them regarding the highly functional and versatile form builder and customer feedback collection tools.

It currently has over 1 million users, with more people coming into the fold by the day. A lot of it has to do with Everest Forms’ extensive bank of features.

In terms of making surveys and forms, you will be hard-pressed to find something more useful than this. Everest Tools is a great Microsoft Forms alternative if you need a feature-rich form builder to do everything you need.


  • Something people love about this application is that everything is designed to be 100% responsive on mobile devices, which is important because everyone uses their phones for almost everything.
  • The simple fact is that the number of integration possibilities − form and survey types, the level of customizability, and the vast range of features and add-ons − is hard to rival. It’s one of the most feature-rich customer feedback tools available.
  • Not only do you get many features with Everest Forms, but thanks to the drag-and-drop page builder, they’re easy to use.


  • There have been times where users have noted that the on-site widgets and forms crash or stop working.
  • Although it’s not too expensive, you will need to pay for them if you want access to the better features and functions.


  • Personal Plan – 1 Site License – $49 Yearly
  • Plus Plan – 5 Site Licenses – $99 Yearly
  • Professional Plan – 25 Site Licenses – $149 Yearly
  • Agency Plan – Unlimited Sites – $199 Yearly


We recommend Responsely as the No. 1 alternative to Microsoft forms. It is by far the simplest and most straightforward way to get responses and feedback from your customers.

While it may not have the most features of all of these tools and apps, the fact that it’s so simple to use is a bonus, not to mention that it’s very affordable.

If you are looking for increased functionality and features, you should consider going with either Wufoo or Everest Forms. Still, they are both quite costly, with Wufoo being the most expensive on the list today.