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“How Did You Hear About Us?” Survey

Team Responsely
February 18, 2021

Are you having trouble getting good results from your ‘’how did you hear about us’’ survey? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As simple as these feedback forms seem to be, creating an effective survey that increases the chance of a reply does take a bit of planning.

Most customers prefer not to share their opinions if they can help it. Eliciting a response from clients, especially the kinds of replies that you can use to improve your business, isn’t easy. You’ll have to take into account the customer’s reluctance to give a response in order to create a good survey.

Fortunately, if you know the proper tips and tricks, you can create the perfect survey questions that will increase the chances of receiving customer feedback. In this article, we’ll give you the information you need to know in order to create the perfect marketing survey for collecting important business data.

What Is a “How Did You Hear About Us” Survey?

In simple terms, a ‘How did you hear about us?’ survey is a set of questions that lets you know where a customer first became familiar with your product. This is important in terms of marketing, as these initial points become great avenues for advertising your business. If you know where to direct your marketing efforts, you both save money and increase the chances of getting results.

Blanket advertising is inefficient and doesn’t guarantee that you will reach the target audience you want for your enterprise. If you can pinpoint where the customer base for your product usually comes from, you can increase advertising on that front.

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Why Should You Use How Did You Hear About Us Surveys?

Other than identifying suitable marketing targets, surveys like these offer a less expensive and more reliable source of operation data. If actual customers provide information, then you can be sure where to reach your target audience.

The only real difficulty with using these types of survey questions is trying to overcome your client’s unwillingness to respond.

When they give customer feedback, they’re essentially giving you important data for free without any immediate benefits on their part. Creating questions that provide you with valuable data while minimizing the amount of effort on your client’s side is ideal. The tips and tricks to do so are given right below.

Creating a How Did You Hear About Us Survey: Important Tips to Remember

To make an efficient ‘How did you hear about us?’ survey, there are several important points that you should keep in mind. These are:

1. Use multiple choice boxes if possible

Multiple choice boxes require the least bit of effort for the customer to respond. Because of this, these types of surveys have a better chance of garnering an answer.

If you’re already advertising your product on several avenues, you can list them all here to find which of them is most effective.

If you’ve yet to put out any marketing material, then list all outlets you plan to advertise on to know where you should concentrate on. Just be sure to provide a blank space just in case customers discovered you from an unexpected source.

2. When not using multiple choice boxes, try to ask defining questions

If you’d rather allow users to type in their answers instead of having them choose from a predetermined set of choices, then try to ask defining questions.

It will be more efficient to try and ask what the client was searching for when they came across your product.

If you have a product website, you can ask if the customer continued exploring after coming across the initial product. The answer to these is very valuable marketing information.

3. Try to integrate ‘How did you find out about us?’ surveys

Although a ‘How did you find out about us?’ survey can stand on its own, integrating it with other marketing tools is better.

If you give out a customer satisfaction survey, adding this in the end requires little effort. If your client is already taking the time to respond, then you should take advantage of the opportunity.

Website visitors can also be a source for this data. As mentioned in the previous tip, asking what they were searching for before getting to your site offers another vantage for marketing.

4. Use online tools to handle data

Another great thing to use are online survey tools like Responsely when creating these surveys and questionnaires.

Not only are they designed to easily make survey forms in the first place, they’re able to collate the data that you collect. Online tools become very useful if you’re getting hundreds, or even thousands of responses to your survey.

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How Did You Hear About Us Survey FAQ

What are good choices for a ‘How did you hear about us survey?

The usual choices for a how did you hear about us survey would be advertisements, the internet, events, or word of mouth.

Advertisements can be further broken down into different media like radio, tv, billboards, or brochures. You can specify if your customers found you on the internet through social media, blogs, podcasts or the like. Try to give specific choices in order to get more relevant results.

What are the advantages of multiple choice boxes over open questions?

Because multiple choice boxes are easier to answer than having to type them out, they have a better chance of getting a response. You may not be able to be overly specific, and you can’t really account for every possibility, but an increased chance of a reply is always a good thing.

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What can you do with the responses to a ‘How did you hear about us’ Survey?

If you know where your customers are finding about your products, then you can better direct your marketing efforts. This offers a more efficient use of your marketing budget, and provides a better chance of reaching your target audience.

What part of the website should I put a ‘How did you hear about us’ survey?

There is no exact science on how to present a how did you hear about us survey to your website visitors.

More often than not, it will be ignored no matter where you place it. A good chance would be to make a timed popup set after a few minutes while customers are browsing your website, or when they navigate away from it.

Wrap Up

We hope that this article has given you an idea of how to create a useful a ‘How did you hear about us?’ survey and the benefits of doing so. Being able to coax customers to provide you with valuable marketing data will certainly help in your efforts to further improve your business.