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How Did You Hear About Us Options

Team Responsely
February 18, 2021

Are you having trouble trying to identify the marketing campaign that works best for your business? To grow your business, you work round the clock to put the word out there using a variety of marketing tools. But how do you know what’s working and what’s not?

Is it the ads you’ve placed on Google?

Or could it be the email campaign you’ve been running for some time now?

These questions can be tough to answer, but you might be relieved to learn that you’re not alone. Many businesses struggle to identify marketing strategies that increase traffic to their website and result in the highest conversion rate.

Luckily, there’s a solution. And it involves running a “how did you hear about us?” survey.

This article will give you a complete walkthrough of “how did you hear about us” surveys and we’ll also see how to create the perfect “How Did You Hear About Us” options for such a survey.

What Is a “How Did You Hear About Us” Survey?

A “How Did You Hear About Us” survey is designed to help you learn how customers are discovering your brand.

The survey helps you figure out how your customers find you among hundreds of similar websites. In most cases, the survey features just a single question included in a form administered after a transaction.

“Is it important to find out how a customer ends up on your website?” you might ask. A survey conducted by Nielsen revealed that customer behavior differs from customer to customer depending on how they came to learn about a product.

For instance, customers are 4 times more likely to do business with an organization when referred by a friend.

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Why Do You Need a “How Did You Hear About Us” Survey?

These days, businesses use multiple marketing channels to spread the word about their product. Some use targeted emails while others will place ads on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

If you don’t know how your customer found you, you’re missing an opportunity to further boost your sales by adjusting your marketing strategy in favor of the more effective efforts.

At the same time, knowing how customers have discovered your brand can help you to single out the least effective marketing channels that are simply not worth using.

Although Google Analytics can easily give you this information, it lacks customer interaction. And establishing a meaningful conversation with your customers builds trust in your brand.

How to Create the Perfect “How Did You Hear About Us” Options

Now that you understand the benefits that come with a “How Did You Hear About Us” survey, let’s see how you can create the perfect “How Did You Hear About Us” options.

Ideally, your survey should list every possible option available, including those that could happen by chance without requiring you to invest your time or money. To further encourage your customers to respond, you could ask a single open-ended question to allow them to freely express themselves.

But research shows that such a move may not work for you.

People tend to see this type of question as one that doesn’t add value and are more likely to provide incomplete answers that may not reflect the truth. A customer could even respond with “N/A,” or something like “I don’t remember.” So, what really works?

For best results, you should offer multiple choice answer options driven by where your time and money are going.

First on the list of options should be your most relevant paid ad tool. For instance, this could be Google ads.

referred by

After that, you should include the “search engine” option. It’s quite plausible that a fair number of customers will discover your business through a simple Google search.

Next, your focus should shift to third-party spots. That includes social media platforms and blogs where your information has been shared.

After that, you should create room for referrals. A satisfied customer always tends to spread the word.

Next, there should be an option for discovery avenues that can’t be tracked digitally. That includes radio, TV and any other non-digital places.

Finally, you should have an open-ended “Other” option. You don’t want to shut out a customer simply because they haven’t found you via one of the options you anticipated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Feedback Tools That Can Help You Design “How Did You Hear About Us” Options?

The answer is yes. There are multiple software solutions, and Responsely takes top spot. Responsely allows you to launch a “How Did You Hear About Us” survey in just 60 seconds. It’s engineered with feedback analysis tools that help reveal which marketing campaigns are more successful with your target audience.

You can even customize your survey as you wish, for example, by attaching your official logo and brand slogan.

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Which Options Should I Include in a “How Did You Hear About Us” Survey?

For best results, you should offer multiple choice answer options driven by where your time and money are going. It’s important to establish whether your paid advertising spots provide value for money. You should also make space for a referral option as well as an open-ended “Other” option.

What Are the Most Common “How Did You Hear About Us” Options?

Most businesses will create a drop-down list with the following options:

  • Search engine (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Recommendation by a friend or colleague
  • Social media
  • Publication or blog
  • Other

Should I Add a Follow-up Question Under “How Did You Hear About Us” Options?

To get more granular contact information, you could add a follow-up question just beneath your “How Did You Hear about Us” options. For example, if a customer picks “Social media,” you could ask them to identify the social media platform by name.

Why Is the “How Did You Hear About Us” Question Important?

The “How Did You Hear About Us” question helps you to identify the marketing campaigns that work best for your business. That way, you’ll be able to come up with a better formula for the allocation of your marketing resources.

Final Word

“How Did You Hear About Us” is not only relevant when seeking to fill a job opening, but it can also help your business to structure your advertising budget in a more efficient way. You can focus on marketing channels that actually bring customers to you and cut out the ones that don’t.

Hopefully, the information in this article will help you understand where your customers are coming from so you can focus your marketing efforts there to increase sales and ultimately, grow your business.