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Best Google Forms Alternative

Team Responsely
February 18, 2021

If you need to create high-quality surveys and forms of different kinds, there are many tools you can use. At this time, the tool many go with is Google Forms.

Google Forms is quite functional, easy to use, and the various plans’ prices are reasonable. That said, you might not like Google Forms, and you aren’t alone because many people have trouble finding the right customer feedback collection tools.

However, finding the right customer feedback and form building tool for your needs is possible, with a bit of research anyway. Finding the best Google Forms alternative is doable, and we will look at three of the best Google Forms alternatives and what they can do for you.

Best Google Forms Alternatives


In our opinion, one of the very best alternatives to Google Forms is Responsely. This is a relatively new tool, but it is quickly gaining popularity among web builders and online retailers.

It is hailed as one of the simplest, easiest to use, and most cost-effective customer feedback form builders. You can create simple customer feedback widgets and forms for any website, product, and everything in between, in just a couple of minutes, and it will barely cost you anything to do so.


  • To use Responsely, you don’t need to know any coding. Thanks to this super simple functionality, creating a customer feedback form can be done in as little as 60 seconds.
  • The Responsely data manager is a feature that many appreciate, as it organizes all customer responses in one easy-to-read spreadsheet.
  • The fact is that this is one of the most affordable form builders and customer feedback tools.
  • Responsely can be used by individuals and small businesses, as well as large enterprises.


  • Responsely does have somewhat limited features, particularly regarding what can be included within the feedback forms.
  • Your website must be HTTPS enabled for the Responsely Widget to work


Responsely offers two plans, a free one that allows you to launch up to three campaigns, and the Pro plan for $15 per month allows for unlimited campaigns.


If you are looking for a much more functional and versatile tool to get customer feedback in multiple ways, Alchemer is a great tool.

Alchemer is formerly known as Survey Gizmo. The variety of customizable templates, features, and functions that can be used by businesses and websites of all sizes is something that people love about it. It’s all about providing users with the best and easiest ways to get customer feedback, organize it into actionable data, and act on it.


  • One of the biggest compliments that Alchemer gets is that it’s easy to use. You don’t have to be a coding guru or experienced web designer to use it.
  • Alchemer survey and form templates are very numerous, and everything is highly customizable.
  • The piping and logic of Alchemer are both rated as being top-notch.
  • Alchemer also allows for easy email and social media integration for survey and response purposes.


  • Alchemer customer support is not known for being the best in the world.
  • Alchemer, although it is one of the most versatile and feature-rich tools of its kind, is at this time also one of the most expensive.


  • Collaborator Plan – $49 Monthly or $300 Annually
  • Professional Plan – $149 Monthly or $1,020 Annually
  • Full Access Plan – $249 Monthly or $1,800 Annually

Ninja Forms

If you are looking for a form builder and customer feedback tool that is very simple to use and integrates perfectly with all of your WordPress sites and more, Ninja Forms is a great option. This is one of the most popular and highly rated tools of its kind.

People like how there is a core plugin with decent functionality available for free. However, there are also a few paid plans and many possible add-ons.


  • People like Ninja Forms because it allows for many different types of forms to be created, including but not limited to website-based surveys, payment forms, post submission forms, subscriptions forms, ‘request a quote’ forms, and more.
  • Ninja Forms is hailed for having some pretty good customer support with fast response times.
  • What people also enjoy about Ninja Forms is how the interface is very clean and easy to use. The drag and drop form builder is so simple that even somebody with zero experience can get the hang of it in no time
  • People also like how add-ons and features can be purchased separately, instead of being forced to buy a huge bundle.


  • Although the core plugin works fine for some purposes, for full-scale form building and customer response functions, you will need to pay for plans and add-ons.
  • The core plugin is not all that functional.


  • The core plugin is free.
  • Ninja Forms Personal for 1 site per year – $99
  • Ninja Forms Pro for 20 sites per year – $199
  • Ninja Forms Agency for unlimited sites – $499


Our top recommendation as the best alternative to Google Forms is Responsely. Responsely may not have the most features out of all the customer feedback and form-building tools that we have listed, but it is by far the easiest and most straightforward to use.

Creating customer feedback forms and campaigns in as little as 60 seconds using a user-friendly builder without coding is a definite bonus. Moreover, as you can tell, it’s also the most affordable alternative.

If you want the most comprehensive form builder and customer feedback tool out there, Alchemer is a great way to go, although it’s expensive. If you need something that sits neatly between Alchemer and Responsely in terms of functionality and price, we recommend checking out Ninja Forms.