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Best Alchemer Alternative

Team Responsely
February 18, 2021

Do you need a good Alchemer alternative but don’t know the best options for form building, survey creation, and customer feedback collection?

When it comes to finding Alchemer alternatives (previously known as Survey Gizmo), there are so many options that it can make your head spin. Let’s look at the three best Alchemer/Survey Gizmo alternatives.

Best Alchemer (previously Survey Gizmo) Alternatives


If you are looking for a straightforward and user-friendly experience, Responsely is an excellent alternative. Responsely has not been around all that long; however, due to its simplicity, its ability to generate aesthetically pleasing forms, and very low cost, it has quickly become one of the most popular form building and survey creation tools out there.


  • Responsely does not require users to have any technical expertise, knowledge of coding, or HTML.
  • Because of the very sleek and well-organized interface, it is straightforward to make forms and surveys, even for people who have never done it before.
  • At this time, Repsonsely is the only available service that allows users to create forms and surveys in as little as 60 seconds.
  • Responsely is also known for having pretty good customer service.
  • Responsely has an excellent data management system that allows users to view all collected data in simple spreadsheets.
  • Responsely is also known as being one of the most affordable services out there.

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  • The on-site Responsely forms will not work if your website is not HTTPS enabled.
  • Responsely is not quite as feature-rich as some of the more expensive services out there.


  • Free Plan – Up to three campaigns
  • Pro Plan – $15 per month – unlimited campaigns

responsely plans and pricing


If you are looking for a reputable and established online form and survey creation tool, Formsite is a fantastic option. In terms of this type of service, Formsite is one of the oldest, as it has been around since 1998.

When it comes to comprehensive, diverse, and feature-rich survey and form creators, Formsite is one of the very best. Moreover, it comes with many packages to choose from, both for personal and business use.


  • Formsite is hugely diverse. It features one of the largest collections of form types, features, and customization options out of any such service.
  • There are many plans to choose from and in all price ranges; this service is ideal for companies of all sizes.
  • If you need to integrate with Salesforce, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Slack, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, Constant Contact, Google Calendar, Zapier, and more, Formsite has you covered.
  • Formsite is also well-known for having a sleek and user-friendly interface that is very easy to navigate; you don’t need to know any coding or HTML to use it.

formsite build forms and surveys


  • One drawback with Formsite is that customer service is a bit lacking.
  • The save and return feature for unfinished surveys needs some work.
  • Choosing monthly plans is not wise, as it is cheaper to buy annual plans.


  • 14-day free trial of Pro available
  • Deluxe Plan – $19.95 monthly or $16.67 monthly if billed annually
  • Pro 1 – $29.95 monthly or $25 monthly if billed annually
  • Pro 2 – $59.95 monthly or $50 monthly if billed annually
  • Pro 3 – $99.95 monthly or $83.33 monthly if billed annually
  • Enterprise – $249.95 monthly or $208.33 monthly if billed annually

formsite plans and pricing

Ninja Forms

If you are looking for a survey and online form builder that is simple, fast, and easy to use, an option we recommend is Ninja Forms.

For many reasons, Ninja Forms is an industry leader in this field, with one reason being user-friendliness. It is fantastic in terms of integration, not to mention that most everything is highly customizable.

There are also many bundles available, as well as individual add-ons that can be purchased separately.


  • There is a core plugin that is available for use free of charge.
  • The interface of Ninja Forms is very clean, polished, and easy to navigate.
  • Ninja Forms does not require users to have much or any technical knowledge, particularly in coding.
  • This service is also known as being one of the better ones in customer service and support.
  • Ninja Forms comes with many templates, form types, and customization options.
  • You can purchase separate add-ons.

ninja forms beginner friendly


  • If you are serious about form and survey building, the core plugin just won’t cut it.
  • It is nice to buy separate add-ons, but that cost starts to add up real quick.


  • The core plugin is free.
  • Ninja Forms Personal for 1 site per year – $99
  • Ninja Forms Pro for 20 sites per year – $199
  • Ninja Forms Agency for unlimited sites – $499

ninja forms plans and pricing


If you are looking for a good Survey Gizmo AKA Alchemer, we would recommend checking out Responsely.

It’s the simplest, most user-friendly, and affordable online form and survey tool for customer feedback. It’s great for easily analyzing data, it works well in terms of form customization, and it can all be done in a couple of minutes.

If you are looking for a more diverse and comprehensive experience and willing to pay for it, both Ninja Forms and Formsite are suitable alternatives.